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Detectives Choice Volume 2

0.99 usd

This ad-free version is on SALE for limited time! By dark magic, a man has risen from the grave and is on the loose. Meanwhile, a little girl has been kidnapped and a rift has opened between a sinister universe and your own. As a down-on-your-luck PI, you need to start charging more for cases like these.
Can you stop the monster and save the little girl (and woo the full-grown one)? Can you survive long enough to solve the mystery? Can you do all this with style?
Detectives Choice is an interactive novel where your decisions change the story and determine your fate. If you survive to the end, you get a score and rank. Play over and over to get the highest rank possible.
Written by William Miller and produced by Delight Games, producer of the hit series Zombie High and Wizards Choice.